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Commercial Heating


Stat Climate Control Solutions provides heating for commercial properties in Calgary, Okotoks, Chestermere, Cochrane and Airdrie. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service, long-term relationships and up-front estimates and prices

Although boilers can last up to 50 years you may decide to reduce your energy consumption and we can help you choose the best HVAC heating system for optimum efficiency. Studies have shown that investing in modern technology can save thousands of dollars in operating costs annually which will provide you with ROI helping to offset the cost for an upgrade.

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Full HVAC Heating System Services

Stat Climate Control Solutions is a full service HVAC contractor providing all commercial heating services.

We have years of experience supporting businesses with HVAC systems requirements and our technicians have the skill and knowledge to install, service and maintain high-efficiency furnaces and boilers. Stat Climate Control Solutions has technicians on staff on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year , and you can depend on us to service your HVAC system quickly.

You demand comfortable indoor temperatures year round with Alberta’s ever changing weather and we will deliver expert service to ensure your heating system is running and working at peak efficiency and up to specifications.


HVAC Commercial Services Include

Because our technicians receive ongoing professional training you can be assured we’re knowledgeable about the latest HVAC technology and brands.

  • Certified, trained and skilled technicians
  • Component repair or replacement
  • Boiler repairs and servicing
  • Gas furnace repairs and servicing
  • Power flushes
  • System treatments
  • Fair, competitive pricing
  • 24 hour 7 days a week emergency service
  • HVAC controller expertise
  • Planned preventative Maintenance
  • Ventilation
  • System diagnosis and evaluation
  • Fast, friendly customer service

Commercial Heating Services

We can help install or upgrade your heating system from the ground up with the latest technological advancements in HVAC boiler and gas furnace heating.

Experts In Commercial Heating

We can help design highly energy efficient systems with a range of choices for boilers and gas furnaces. Decisions are based on budget and your buildings heating requirements.

We can provide diagnosis of furnace, boiler and heating system to resolve issues that may cause system failure or inefficiency. We can then make an assessment and provide you with the best options for repair or replacement.

Our expertise in HVAC controllers can help you manage energy usage and energy costs with simple to complex controllers and software to achieve peak efficiency.

We're certified and trained for installing and servicing gas fired heating systems.

A Trusted Name for HVAC Services

Stat Climate Control Solutions has served Calgary and area and become a leader in commercial HVAC.

We offer fair prices with exceptional customer service establishing long-term relationships

We have a large fleet of vehicles and technicians for a quick response time for getting you up and running

Our trained and skilled technicians can offer solutions and solve HVAC problems… right the first time

24 Hour Emergency Services


Whenever you need us, day or night, weekday or weekends and holidays, we’ll respond quickly with reliable, friendly commercial HVAC service.

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HVAC Maintenance


Extended Life for Equipment

Prolong the life of your building's HVAC equipment with regular maintenance inspections. The most common factor for equipment breakdown is dust and dirt related, a reduced factor with early prevention.

Regular HVAC Inspections

With a maintenance contract we can inspect and maintain HVAC components every couple of months to confirm equipment is running at peak efficiency and service any issues that may lead to system failures.


Free Diagnostic Service

Unlike some companies, Stat Climate Control Solutions does not charge customers, with maintenance contracts, for diagnosing issues with systems. So you won’t have to pay every time a service technician visits to solve problems.

Reduced Energy Costs

You can reduce your energy operation costs by 5% with regular filter changes and keep HVAC equipment running at its energy efficient specifications saving money with reduced energy consumption.


HVAC Controller Experts

We’re experts in identifying problems and issues with HVAC controllers, the nerve centre of HVAC systems. HVAC controllers monitor interior conditions and provide the correct responses to load changes in order for the system to provide both comfort and energy efficiency. All HVAC components, including large central plants and zone terminal units and sensors, employ controllers to ensure the systems are functioning correctly together to maximize energy efficiency and provide a constant and comfortable temperature.

Stat Climate Control Solutions, as the name implies, are HVAC control experts and we can help you to design, install and maintain your control system at peak efficiency.

HVAC controllers - the nerve centre of HVAC systems