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Cross Connection Control Device
City of Calgary Water Services Specialist

Stat Climate Control Solutions are specialists for testing, repairing and installing cross connection control devices, known as backflow valves. These devices are installed in commercial premises and newer residential sprinkler systems as a means to protect the municipal water supply from contamination (including; boiler chemicals, cleaners, pesticides, etc) by not allowing anything to enter the water supply in low flow conditions. Cross connection control devices are required by the Water Utility Bylaw to be tested annually with reports sent to The City of Calgary Water Services.

We are a certified tester who is registered with The City of Calgary Water Services as a Cross Connection Control Specialist. The City of Calgary Water Services does not accept cross connection control test reports from an unregistered or unqualified tester.

A Cross Connection Control Device

Identifying Cross Connection Control Devices for Testing

There are two types of devices to be tested.

  • Reduced-pressure principle assembly, pressure vacuum breaker assembly, double-check valve assembly and registered Air Gaps.
  • Secondary types of devices include; hose connection vacuum breakers, atmospheric vacuum breakers and residential check valves.

Testing of Cross Connection Control Devices

All cross connection devices need to be tested and we can ensure and verify they are operating correctly. We inspect internal seals, moving parts and springs which can break or fatigue over time causing failure.

Property or tenant owners are responsible for having cross connection devices tested. According to the Water Utility Bylaw all owners must have their cross connection devices tested;

  • At the time of installation of a new Testable Cross Connection Control Device
  • Annually or as required by the Director, Water Resources
  • At the time that a Testable Cross Connection Device is relocated
  • At the time that a Testable Cross Connection Control Device is cleaned, repaired or overhauled
  • In the case of an irrigation system, at the time the system is turned on at the beginning of each irrigation season.

You must then retain test report records on-site and make available for the Director of Water Resources upon request.

Common Cross Connection Device

Reduced Pressure principle back flow preventer (RP)

Severe Degree of Hazard

Commercial Applications include:

Automotive repair shops


Dry cleaning plants

Car washes Laboratories


Double Check Valve Assembly (DCVA)

Moderate Degree of Hazard

Commercial Applications include:




Commercial office spaces

Shopping malls

Apartment buildings

Why Choose Stat Climate Control Solutions

  • Testing and report filing to City of Calgary Water Services
  • Cross Connection Control installation, repair and servicing
  • Competitive prices
  • Fast completion after scheduling for inspection
  • Certified tester for the City of Calgary Water Services
  • Annual reminder service