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STAT Climate Control Solutions are experts in indoor air quality. A healthy living environment requires healthy, well circulated air, we can install new ventilation, provide furnace humidifier installation as well as dehumidifiers to improve the air quality in your home.

Contact us to solve complex ventilation issues to improve your living environment or for furnace humidifier installation.

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Improving Air Quality with Ventilation and Humidity

Today’s homes are built to higher energy efficiency standards which improves energy consumption but also poses a challenge for indoor air quality with less fresh outdoor air being able to enter the home. Most home owners consider energy efficiency a priority but miscalculate the importance of healthy indoor air.

Well designed ventilation systems are crucial for supplying continuous fresh air, removing airborne infection, regulating air movement or simply to remove excess heat or humidity - better ventilation can make your home more comfortable - and healthier.

We can show you a full range of heat recovery systems that recover lost heat energy and control room temperature changes, maintaining a comfortable and clean environment. The system works by replacing the internal stale air with fresh air from outside. The heating and cooling technology then delivers the fresh air at the desired temperature.

Our cold winters in Alberta make the air outside very dry which creates issues inside the home including dry skin, scratchy throats and is detected with electrostatic shock. An HVAC humidifier can add moisture to the air molecules eliminating problems caused by excessively dry air.


Indoor Air Ventilation

enjoy healthy indoor air

There are a number of reasons your home needs proper ventilation but the most important is indoor air pollution which can include organic compounds, formaldehyde and even viruses. These pollutants can cause health issues and can only be effectively removed effectively with proper ventilation as opening windows and doors is not an option in winter and doing so in summer is less likely in homes with air conditioning.

Older homes are especially vulnerable to poor air quality compared to newer homes as the ventilation systems have improved over the years with new construction. For homes with signs of mould and dampness or for occupants who suffer from allergy or other respiratory illnesses a whole house ventilation system may be needed for improved air quality.

Ventilation Systems

We can help guide you through the process to find the best indoor air ventilation system solution for your environment. We offer a no-obligation analysis with a fair, competitive quote that will show components, labour and installation timeline.

With many systems available in the marketplace we can help you choose the system that will fit your needs. Systems are designed to mechanically force stale air from the home with exhaust ventilation and supply constant fresh air inside with supply ventilation balancing the stale/fresh air ventilation. Heat recovery units can warm the fresh, cold air reducing the need for your furnace to work harder than required.

Trust Stat Climate Control Solutions to deliver healthier indoor air to your home as we have a wealth of experience designing and installing residential ventilation systems.

Indoor Humidification

Cold Alberta air in the wintertime is dry. This issue is Compounded when heating your home to stay warm which also removes moisture when it is heating air from the central HVAC system. The loss of moisture or humidity is exacerbated when dry air removes moisture from your skin and everything else inside the home by way of osmosis. The result: dry irritated sin, static electricity and loss of moisture from woodwork. Additionally excessive dry air can increase allergy and asthma symptoms and can help viruses thrive increasing the likelihood of catching a cold.

Humidifier Installation for Homes

Stat Climate Control Solutions has whole-house humidifiers that are low in maintenance, compared to conventional room or small humidifiers. Whole-house humidifiers can offer superior humidity control throughout the entire home and use the homes HVAC central air system.

A whole-house humidifier is a much better choice for adding humidity as smaller room humidifiers can only add humidity to limited floor space areas and need to refilled often and cleaned regularly to remove mould and bacteria build-up.

We can provide you with choices for home humidity and you can enjoy a healthier, more comfortable home.

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100% STATisfaction Guarantee* – We agree to accept responsibility for your complete satisfaction with materials and work provided by us within the first year of service following our work. Should you be unhappy or dissatisfied with any equipment or HVAC services we have provided for any legitimate reason, we will repair or replace the parts you were charged for at no cost to you.

You will not be asked for any payments until we have ensured you are completely satisfied with our service or installations.

* Some restrictions apply. Installed units must be maintained by us as per manufacturer guidelines. All service or repairs must be completed by STAT Climate Control Solutions – use of unauthorized third party contractors on installed equipment will void guarantee. Maintenance issues not covered under guarantee – additional charges may apply for after hours work. Please call us for details.

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