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Air Conditioning Maintenance and Servicing

Manufacturer’s recommend regular servicing and inspection for air conditioners. Scheduling regular maintenance, typically early spring, to maintain the units peak energy efficiency and safe operation and extend the life-cycle of the air conditioner.

Without regular maintenance and servicing an air conditioner will use more energy as its efficiency declines resulting from poor performance.

Home owners can provide some basic maintenance but most require a licensed HVAC technician who are skilled and experienced in detecting issues which could lead to bigger, more expensive, problems unless otherwise corrected.

HVAC tools
Most manufacturers recommend air conditioner maintenance servicing annually. Maintenance keeps your warranty active
A calendar, serving reminder to service HVAC equipment annually
Keeping filters clean and free of dust and debris can lower your energy costs and prolong the life of your air conditioner. Check manufacturer’s recommendation for filter change frequency
50% diagram indicating how much you can reduce HVAC repair costs
You can reduce repair costs by as much as 50% by regularly maintaining and servicing your cooling system
70% diagram indicating how much you should spend on preventative maintenance compared to 30% repair costs
On average the ratio for HVAC equipment costs should equal or be close to 70% preventative maintenance and 30% for repairs

Stat Climate Control Air Conditioner Maintenance

We provide complete servicing and maintenance for air conditioners including:

  • Ensure correct refrigerant levels
  • Test for refrigerant leaks
  • Inspect and seal any leaks in the ductwork
  • Look over evaporator coil and measure airflow
  • Verify electronic controls are in working order
  • Inspect all electrical connections
  • Lubricate motor and moving parts
  • Measure compressor amperage
  • Test safety controls
  • ...And more
Cutaway of an air conditioner  showing areas inspected during maintenance.

Annual Air Conditioner Maintenance Benefits

  • Improved Efficiency - Maintenance will help ensure your air conditioner is running at peak efficiency which will help to reduce your energy cost over the years.
  • Prevention for Repairs - A skilled technician can solve minor problems before they become expensive problems. You’ll also have less risk of your cooling system failing during the hottest days during Calgary’s summer.
  • Extended Lifecycle - Regular servicing will help extend the life of your air conditioner, maximizing your investment in a cooling system.
  • Warranty - Some manufacturers require regular inspection and servicing to keep the warranty valid. Make sure you look over your owners manual and maintain the warranty for your furnace.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Benefits - When scheduling regular air conditioner maintenance with Stat Climate Control you can enjoy added benefits for our valued customers including;
    • 20% off repairs
    • front-of-line-service
    • forgo any diagnostic fees
Number 1,  reason for regular maintenance
Regular air conditioner maintenance can identify and prevent future problems before they escalate and become expensive repairs
Number 2,  reason for regular maintenance
Your air conditioner will run more efficiently resulting in reduced energy costs for cooling your home
Number 3,  reason for regular maintenance
Annual maintenance can be conveniently scheduled according to your availability, before peak cooling is needed
Number 4,  reason for regular maintenance
With regular maintenance your air conditioner will last longer and keep your manufacturers warranty valid

Maintenance You Can Do

There are some simple procedures you can do annually to help keep your air conditioner run efficiently.

  • Change or clean the filters. When airflow becomes obstructed by debris dirt can reach the evaporator coil reducing its heat-absorbing capacity. A dirty filter can increase your energy consumption by as much as 15%.
  • The air conditioner evaporator and condenser coils collect dust, dirt and debris and need to be cleaned in order for the air conditioner to function at peak performance levels.
  • Coil fins made of lightweight aluminum can bend and damage easily which can block airflow moving through the coil. Coil fins should be adjusted into near-original condition.
  • Check condensate drains should be inserted and cleaned if they have become clogged or plugged.
  • Late in autumn you should cover the central air conditioner to protect it from leaves and debris while also protecting it from Calgary’s winter elements.

Stat Climate Control's technicians can also give you other tips, upon assessing your cooling system, for better maintaining your air conditioner upon a scheduled service visit

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