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HVAC Maintenance Calgary

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HVAC Maintenance Calgary

Stat Climate Control Solutions can customize maintenance service agreements for your budget and to suit the requirements needed to maintain HVAC equipment.

Regular maintenance will increases the life of HVAC equipment and it also cuts cost when the equipment runs at high efficiency reducing its energy consumption and emissions.

Routine maintenance can greatly reduce system failure or inefficiency with regular inspections and servicing.

HVAC tools
Most manufacturers recommend Cooling and Heating maintenance servicing annually. Cooling in the spring and heating in the fall. Maintenance keeps your warranty active
A calendar, serving reminder to service HVAC equipment annually
Keeping filters clean and free of dust and debris can lower your energy costs and prolong the life of your HVAC equipment. Check manufacturer’s recommendation for filter change frequency
50% diagram indicating how much you can reduce HVAC repair costs
You can reduce repair costs by as much as 50% by regularly maintaining and servicing your heating and cooling systems
70% diagram indicating how much you should spend on preventative maintenance compared to 30% repair costs
On average the ratio for HVAC equipment costs should equal or be close to 70% preventative maintenance and 30% for repairs

HVAC Maintenance Services Include

Some of the most common services we provide for maintenance agreements or one-time maintenance checkups.

  • Regular preventive maintenance checks
  • No-charge service calls
  • Evaporator coil cleaning
  • Condensor coil cleaning
  • Electrical connection inspections
  • Lubrication of parts
  • Checking all HVAC components
  • Fan assessment
  • Filters and belts
  • Blower maintenance
  • Inspection of heating elements

HVAC Maintenance Agreements

Before you sign a maintenance agreement contract we’ll meet with you and do a thorough analysis of your HVAC system to formalize a schedule and provide a detailed maintenance checklist.

Our contracts are easy to understand and you’ll know exactly what is and isn’t included in the agreement. We’re always there for you and if you have any questions, require new installation or need an unscheduled service call you’ll be at the top of our priority list.

You can choose between monthly payments or prepayment for longer contracts.

Number 1,  reason for regular maintenance
Regular maintenance can identify and prevent future problems before they escalate and become expensive repairs
Number 2,  reason for regular maintenance
Your HVAC equipment will run more efficiently resulting in reduced energy costs for heating and cooling your building
Number 3,  reason for regular maintenance
Annual maintenance can be conveniently scheduled according to your availability, before peak heating or cooling is needed
Number 4,  reason for regular maintenance
With regular maintenance your HVAC equipment will last longer and keep your manufacturers warranty valid

HVAC Maintenance Cost

Not all HVAC Maintenance Contracts are equal. Learn more about understanding the cost and service of agreements.

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Making the Right Choice for HVAC Maintenance

  • We’re experienced and qualified to service all brands of HVAC equipment
  • Ongoing training to better understand HVAC technology innovations
  • Fast, reliable and quality service
  • 24/7 emergency service for contract customers
  • Technicians are trained to identify small issues and make repairs before becoming a major concern
  • Maintenance agreements allow us to understand your needs and equipment history

HVAC Controller Experts

We’re experts in identifying problems and issues with HVAC controllers, the nerve centre of HVAC systems.

HVAC Tech working on Control Panel

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% isfaction Guarantee* – We agree to accept responsibility for your complete satisfaction with materials and work provided by us within the first year of service following our work. Should you be unhappy or dissatisfied with any equipment or HVAC services we have provided for any legitimate reason, we will repair or replace the parts you were charged for at no cost to you.

* Some restrictions apply. Installed units must be maintained by us as per manufacturer guidelines. All service or repairs must be completed by STAT Climate Control Solutions – use of unauthorized third party contractors on installed equipment will void guarantee. Maintenance issues not covered under guarantee – additional charges may apply for after hours work. Please call us for details.