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Commercial HVAC System Retrofits

Cost Effective for an Improved HVAC System

Improving Energy Efficiency and Air Quality with Retrofits

Because HVAC equipment has a limited lifespan, commercial building managers must deal with the difficult question of when to replace the HVAC system. The problem becomes compounded when you consider there is considerable cost with a new HVAC installation, which must be budgeted, not to mention the downtime a building may experience reducing productivity and revenue.

Commercial HVAC equipment may reasonably last between 15 and 30 years, however the constant repairs, servicing, increased energy costs along with the inability of the system to deliver the required heating and cooling, will sooner or later, necessitate a needed solution.

HVAC Retrofit Benefits

HVAC retrofits can reduce the cost of replacing the entire system while improving heating and cooling efficiency. The systems’ performance can be significantly upgraded by adding HAVC components and integrating equipment such as sensors and controls.

With a well-designed HVAC retrofit you will improve the comfort, health and safety of your facility and the energy savings will recoup some of the investment on your upgrade.

Energy Savings
Reduced Repair Cost
Longer HVAC Lifespan
Improved Comfort & Health

Commercial HVAC Retrofit Additions

Stat Climate Control Solutions is experienced in designing complex solutions for HVAC retrofits for commercial buildings in Calgary. Most upgrades featured a markedly improved efficacy for boilers, rooftop air conditioners and chillers.

Some of the past projects we have completed included many of the following solutions:

  • Condenser fan controls with variable speed control
  • Redesigned ventilation systems to increase on-demand outside air intake
  • Commercial air handlers with added air filters and ultraviolet light disinfection systems
  • Repaired or new ductwork replacement
  • Air duct dampers
  • Upgraded efficient compressors
  • New controls for temperature, supply fans, cooling capacity and humidity
  • CO2 sensors
  • Building automated systems

Buildings which have undergone HVAC retrofits have seen improvement with lower energy cost, reduced operational expenses with far fewer repairs and servicing needed as well as improved indoor air quality and superior temperature distribution with fewer hot and cold spots.

Case studies have shown HVAC equipment will last longer if you can reduce cycling of heating and cooling equipment with the addition of replacement components that reduce how hard the system has to work. Although a retrofit system may not have the efficiency rating of new equipment, it is a fraction of the cost and will provide much improved performance.

With strategic retrofits you will also increase the lifespan of your heating and cooling system.

Retrofit Designs and Installation Solutions

Stat Climate Control Solutions can evaluate your building to help determine what areas of your HVAC system could benefit from retrofits. Every system is unique and the lifespan of the equipment is dependant on how well it was taken care of in the past.

Our HVAC Retrofit services include:

  1. Identifying expected efficiency improvements and estimate the long-term savings to help you better understand the Return On Investment for a retrofit.
  2. We can improve the comfort and health of the building’s occupants with indoor air quality HVAC components.
  3. We can identify areas within the HVAC system that can be improved and upgraded and recommend the retrofit equipment along with a quote for the expected costs.
  4. Our team can provide the design along with experienced, licensed technicians to complete the project as promised and include our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Improving Air Quality and Energy Efficiency with HVAC Retrofits

Maximize heating and air conditioning, improve indoor air quality and ventilation for older, aging HVAC systems with cost-effective retrofits saving you from replacing your entire system.

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