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Furnace Maintenance
and Servicing

Manufacturer’s recommend regular servicing and inspection for natural gas furnaces. Scheduling regular maintenance, typically early autumn, to maintain the units peak energy efficiency and safe operation and extend the life-cycle of the furnace.

Today’s furnaces are far more complex than older units as they feature air inducers, electronic ignition sensors, pressure switches, and exhaust flow monitoring. Because of their complexity most home owners today need licensed HVAC experts to thoroughly inspect and service the heating system.

You can reduce repair costs by as much as 50% by regularly maintaining and servicing your heating system
Most manufacturers recommend furnace maintenance servicing annually. Maintenance keeps your warranty active
Keeping filters clean and free of dust and debris can lower your energy costs and prolong the life of your furnace. Check manufacturer’s recommendation for filter change frequency
On average the ratio for HVAC equipment costs should equal or be close to 70% preventative maintenance and 30% for repairs

STAT Climate Control Solutions Furnace Maintenance

We provide complete servicing and maintenance for furnaces including:

Annual Furnace Maintenance Benefits

Regular furnace maintenance can identify and prevent future problems before they escalate and become expensive repairs

Your furnace will run more efficiently resulting in reduced energy costs for heating your home

Annual maintenance can be conveniently scheduled according to your availability, before peak heating is needed
With regular maintenance your furnace will last longer and keep your manufacturers warranty valid

Get Your Furnace Ready for Winter

Ensure your furnace is ready for cold weather before it arrives.

24 Hour Emergency Furnace/Heating Repair

If you need help right away with your furnace call STAT Climate Control Solutions. We feature emergency furnace repair 7 days a week in Calgary and area. We can minimize your discomfort and get your home back in the comfort zone as soon as possible.


Don’t wait and suffer in the cold or heat. Call STAT Climate Control Solutions at (403) 226-6066 now and let us help you get back to a comfortable life.

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