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HVAC Maintenance Agreement Pricing

It’s important for the business owner or manager to understand an HVAC maintenance contract and the coverage you expect to receive for the cost of the service.

We’ll try and help you sort out HVAC maintenance differences so that you’ll better understand the prices, terminology and types of service.

Types of Maintenance Contracts

Preventive Maintenance

This type of contract will allow for regularly scheduled visits for diagnostic testing, servicing and replacement of parts (where needed). Regular maintenance will keep your HVAC equipment running at peak efficiency, lowering operating cost while increasing the life-expectancy of the equipment. Preventative Maintenance Agreements are the least-costly of service contracts.

Full Labour Contracts

This contract includes regular maintenance servicing of HVAC equipment and it also covers the cost of any labour required. Full Labour Agreements do not cover the cost of replacement parts.

Full Coverage Contracts

Although this is more expensive than the aforementioned contracts it does include regularly scheduled servicing, labour costs and includes the cost for any parts needed as well as emergency service when your HVAC equipment breaks down. A full labour contract will cost more if the HVAC equipment is old or in poor condition. This contract is the most expensive but it is full-service and will pay for itself when you need expensive repairs. It also allows for easy budgeting when accounting for HVAC maintenance/repairs.

HVAC Maintenance Price Variables

There are a number of factors that can affect the price or quote for your HVAC maintenance contracts.

  • Size of HVAC System - large HVAC systems have more components, parts, controls and electrical connections. Because larger systems require more time to inspect and maintain the cost will be higher than smaller HVAC systems.
  • HVAC Equipment - businesses with less HVAC units and equipment will cost less to maintain than a building with multiple HVAC units.
  • Type of HVAC Equipment - a conventional rooftop unit is self-contained and easier and faster to maintain than newer high-end variable refrigerant flow HVAC systems.
  • Accessibility - easily accessible or self-contained HVAC equipment can lower your cost for servicing. HVAC service quotes include the additional time required to maintain equipment that is difficult to access.
  • HVAC Maintenance Checklist - make sure you receive a list of all the maintenance work included in your quote. You want to make sure the company you choose is doing everything needed to maximize HVAC efficiency. Having a checklist will also allow you to accurately compare maintenance agreements between HVAC maintenance competitors. Sometimes the lowest price is not the bargain it may seem to be.
  • Service Visits - generally speaking, a minimum of 3-4 service visits per year for commercial equipment that contain air filters.

Understanding Value vs Price

The cost for HVAC maintenance can vary depending on your HVAC system. As you’ve learned there are mitigating factors that will increase or reduce the cost for servicing HVAC equipment.

It’s vital to understand what you’re getting for the price you’re paying. When comparing HVAC Maintenance Agreement quotes here’s a simple formula that can help understand what a company is offering.

Price of Contract ÷ Hourly Rate of Service = Hours of Service for Maintenance

Hours of Service for Maintenance ÷ Number of Yearly Visits ÷ Number of HVAC Units/Equipment = Time Spent on Each Unit/Equipment

If a contractor is quoting a very low bid compared to competitors it may be that the time spent maintaining your equipment is unrealistic or inadequate.