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I.T. Cooling Strategies for Computer Room Servers


Stat Climate Control looks at cooling and efficiency for data centres as a technical complexity that requires finite solutions for exceptional airflow management to appropriate maximum performance conditions for computer servers.

We study the science of Cooling and Ventilation and utilize industry best-practices and equipment, designed and developed for computer rooms, to allow for increased server hardware with next-generation cooling capacity. By identifying and analyzing negative heat sources along with improper airflow it’s possible to design data centres that are flexible enough to scale up as demand grows.

Creating an Improved Environment

As unwanted heat and insufficient airflow can adversely affect equipment causing breakdown or failure an optimum environment necessitates precise cooling which can include incorporating fans and blowers for improved ventilation.

Design Solution Requirements

Other important factors to be considered as crucial in pre-planning cooling strategies include:

  • Capacity of cooling and required airflow
  • Humidity control for rack room
  • Allotted space for equipment
  • Visibility and access to servers
  • Equipment isolation
  • Ambient air temperature ranges
  • Circulating air pollutants
  • System scalability
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