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Reevaluating Your Commercial HVAC System


Improving Air Quality and Energy Efficiency with HVAC Retrofits

Change Necessitates Rethinking HVAC

After the drop in oil revenue along with the decline of oil related businesses and the post-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic – the office landscape in Calgary has gone through a radical transformation which has decimated the number of employees working within an office building. Many downtown businesses created a hybrid solution whereby staff can work from home while others work in the office with redesigned work spaces laid-out to meet recommended safety protocols.

Because many office settings and occupancies have changed so drastically the HVAC environment inside the building may need to be reevaluated and retrofitted with strategic HVAC components to ensure your system is operating at optimum efficiency.

We have also come to appreciate, because of the pandemic, the importance of clean, filtered airflow within a building to benefit the occupant’s health and reduce sick-time – maximizing productivity.

Below are some HVAC retrofits to consider for maximizing efficiency and improving indoor air quality.

Maximizing Control of Heat and Air Conditioning

Offices can better manage heat and air conditioning through the employment of zoning and automated HVAC controls.

Most offices have distinct environmental requirements depending on layout, design-needs and location. For example; offices along the outside perimeter of the building are subjected to outside conditions such as sunshine and seasonal temperature differences. Computer rooms require controlled cooling and humidity while conference room temperatures may fluctuate depending on usage and the number of people gathered inside.

By investing in zoning and HVAC controls to better regulate indoor temperature you will reduce energy requirements improving HVAC efficiency and vastly upgrading the comfort level for all occupants in the office floor plan.

Indoor Air Quality

More businesses have started to reconsider the necessity of filtering air to ensure cleaner airflow ever since COVID-19 highlighted the danger of how easily pathogens can spread in a building. There was also a noticeable decline of colds and flus spreading in workplaces during that time which revealed the importance of reducing bacteria and viruses to keep occupants healthy and productive.

Commercial HVAC technology such as; air cleaners, filters, UV-C lamps, HVAC-mounted ionizers and other HVAC add-ons can greatly enhance and improve air quality by reducing dust, airbourne pollutants and odours for workplaces.

Improved Ventilation

Older buildings can benefit with redesigned ventilation systems. Improved ventilation can reduce energy consumption by increasing outside air intake and distributing the temperature-controlled air throughout the building, when the temperature is moderate, reducing the operation of the HVAC system.

By continually replacing indoor air with fresh outdoor air, through upgraded ventilation, you can improve oxygen levels which has shown to reduce headaches and drowsiness.

Reduce energy cost and increase workplace productivity with modernized ventilation with a redesigned an HVAC system.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% stat smisfaction Guarantee* – We agree to accept responsibility for your complete satisfaction with materials and work provided by us within the first year of service following our work. Should you be unhappy or dissatisfied with any equipment or HVAC services we have provided for any legitimate reason, we will repair or replace the parts you were charged for at no cost to you.

* Some restrictions apply. Installed units must be maintained by us as per manufacturer guidelines. All service or repairs must be completed by STAT Climate Control Solutions – use of unauthorized third party contractors on installed equipment will void guarantee. Maintenance issues not covered under guarantee – additional charges may apply for after hours work. Please call us for details.

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