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Server Room Cooling with VRV Systems

Stat Climate Control Solutions is a leader for server room cooling systems in Calgary.

Daikin first introduced VRV systems in the early ’80s and trademarked the name VRV (Variable Refrigerant Flow). Since then competitors have used the term VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) for this type of air conditioning and heating.

VRV's, also known as Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF), are highly advanced technological air conditioning systems for server rooms that allow for precise temperature control with available remote monitoring and control for multiple sites. The benefits of VRV systems for data centres and server rooms are diverse and offer many features for optimized regulated room temperature and superior energy efficiency.

VRV Systems for Server Rooms Benefits
  • Precise temperature for exceptional comfort
  • Super quiet
  • Advanced energy efficiency
  • Flexible installation allows for confined spaces
  • Provides both cooling and heating
  • Zone control temperature
  • State-of-the-art controls for ease of use
  • Fewer repairs and downtime
A VRF Unit
A VRF Unit

VRV System

A VRV could be considered a smart AC as it uses data compiled from the desired set temperature and the outside ambient air to utilize power consumptions achieving higher efficiency and improved comfort while delivering a lower environmental impact.

VRV’s Ability to Adjust to Outdoor Conditions Produces Advanced Efficiency

Daikin VRV System

We selected the Daikin VRV for an exacting client who required an application-specific cooling system for a server room.

Daikin has been an industry leader in VRV since 1982 with modular designs which can allow for scalability. The VRV system features individual zone control for advanced capabilities.

A Recent Stat Climate Control Daikin VRV Install

A Daikin VRV in a Server Room

Daikin VRV System Outdoor Unit Requires Less Outdoor Unit Footprint

A Daikin VRV Outdoor Compressor

VRV Design Solutions

Designing a VRV system can be complex as it could be integrated into emerging technologies and automated HVAC components. VRV’s flexibility will allow for operational expansion and growth. Cooling and heating operations are simplified for users with VRV and you’ll gain enhanced efficiency while lowering utility cost and environmental impact.

Stat Climate Control Solutions can design and install your VRV system for exceptional temperature control along with extended service life of the equipment.