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Air Conditioner Problems and Solutions


Common Issues and Fixes

If your air conditioning system is not providing the cooling for your home look over our AC troubleshooting problems and solutions to find the fix your system needs.

Common AC Problems

Air Conditioner Won’t Turn On

When your system doesn’t turn on it’s generally a power issue.

  • Check the thermostat is “On”, and is properly set to “Cool” and not “Heat”
  • Ensure all switches for the AC Unit are set in the “On” position
  • Check the breaker – reset and replace fuse if necessary
  • Inspect the system for broken or exposed wiring
  • Confirm the indoor condensation overflow pan (found under the evaporator coils) is not filled and tripped the safety switch (typically near outdoor condenser unit)
  • Confirm the air handler blower door is closed tight

Air Conditioner Turns On But Doesn’t Cool

If you know the AC system is on but isn’t supplying cool air, it may be due to any number of factors. Lack of AC cooling may indicate the refrigerant level is low or the outdoor compressor needs repairs.

Some of the issues may require professional expertise but you can troubleshoot the following:

  • Insect all registers to ensure nothing is blocking airflow
  • Check to make sure the thermostat is set correctly and is turned “On”
  • Look at the outdoor condenser and confirm it is not blocked by leaves, grass or other debris – clean if necessary
  • Inspect the filter and change if it looks dirty. The filter should be replaced at least twice a year
  • Ensure that ice has not formed on the indoor coils. If so turn on the fan to melt it

Humid Or Sticky Air When AC Is On

If the air inside your home seems more humid after the AC has been on it could be the result of low refrigerant. When the refrigerant level is low it is unable to transfer the heat and moisture from the air. Low refrigerant is oftentimes the result of a leak within the system and will most likely require an HVAC technician to repair the system.

Thermostat Problems

Consult your thermostat manual (or find it online) to confirm it is set correctly. Often times when an issue arises, particularly with older dial-type thermostats, it may need to be recalibrated or replaced. If it is a faulty thermostat it may be wise to consider a newer programmable thermostat which has multiple setting features allowing you to conserve energy.

Reduced Airflow Circulation

There are most likely a couple of likely scenarios causing poor airflow within the AC system.

First have a look at the filter to make sure it is not dirty – change if required.

Next inspect the ductwork to ensure air can move freely and is not restricted by a disconnected duct or blockage within the duct – repair as required.

Check all registers making sure nothing is blocking airflow. Finally ensure all dampers on the vents are set to the open position.

Cool In Some Areas And Warm In Other Areas

This is a common issue resulting from improper airflow caused by leaking ducts or ducts that are blocked or need cleaning.

Look to repair any ducts that may be disconnected or leaking air. This problem will result in your home being warmer as the cool AC air escapes from the ductwork, also it increases your electrical costs.

Noisy AC Fans

Your AC system requires an outdoor condenser coil fan to transfer the heat from your home to the outside. There is also an indoor fan that blows cool air from the evaporator coil to the ductwork.

Fans become noisy when there is excessive dust, dirt or debris collected within the motor or when bearings fail or belts become worn.

All of the indications above can lead to expensive repairs and/or part(s) replacement. It’s advised to have an HVAC professional inspect if your AC system is producing noises are loud or unfamiliar to avoid unnecessary damage.

Water Collection

If you see a buildup of water around the drain line or drain pan and it’s not draining as it normally would there most likely is a clog in the drainage system.

Inspect the drainage for your AC and try to clear the blockage. If you’re unable to locate or repair the problem call for assistance before there is a serious water backup that could damage your home or its contents.

Improper AC Operation

Air conditioners are designed and built to be relatively free of problems or breakdowns, however, there are some common operational mistakes that can impair the effectiveness of your AC or cause system failures. Learn to operate the system as designed and keep it regularly maintained and you’ll save yourself a lot of money and headaches.

Here is a partial list of things that can extend the life of your AC system:

  • When your system is running make sure you have all the doors and windows on your home closed to maximize the system’s efficiency
  • Change your filters frequently
  • Maintain your AC at least once a year – preferably early spring before service techs become busy Inspecting and repairing small issues can save a lot of money before they become big problems
  • Make sure the refrigerant charge is as the manufacturer recommends otherwise the system will be compromised
  • Service and repair any problems as soon as they are discovered
  • Consider a smart thermostat for efficient AC operation – you’ll also save money and electricity

Air Conditioning Servicing and Repair

When your air conditioning system breaks down Stat Climate Control Solutions can provide immediate, reliable service and repair to get the cooling system up and running.

Because we’re experienced and have the most common parts for most air conditioning repairs in our service vans, you can count on us to get the job done right, the first time.

Stat Climate Control Solutions provides air conditioning and cooling repair in Calgary, Okotoks, Chestermere, Cochrane and Airdrie, call us for dependable cooling repair and servicing.

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