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Products and Solutions Utilized by The Most Demanding Data Centres Worldwide

Data Centre/Server Room HVAC Service

HVAC Cooling & Air Quality Control Solutions for Data Centre Servers

Stat Climate Control is a leader in HVAC technology for design solutions and energy efficiency vital to computer servers in data centres to maintain high performance conditions for servers and equipment.

We can help you lower cost with sustained energy efficiency, improve air quality and humidity levels upgrading upon traditional or antiquated systems. We stay on top of ever-evolving technology to provide HVAC solutions to problems that may seem unattainable.

The HVAC requirements for data centres is distinctly diverse and challenging compared to most commercial settings and has seen much evolution over the years - we can help ensure your design needs meet the challenges you face.

Planning for Success

We understand a data centre's computer servers are the lifeblood of your companies operation. Servers need to work in an optimized environment and the choice of equipment, particularly Computer Room Air Conditioners (CRAC) and Computer Room Air Handlers (CRAH) in addition to intelligently designed HVAC plans is critical for maximum energy efficiency and cost savings.

We can help you plan ahead and succeed into the future as data demands increase and your operations grow with systems that can scale up.


Server Room Cooling and Heating With VRV & VRF Technology

A VRF System

VRF's, also known as Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV), are highly advanced technological air conditioning systems for server rooms that allow for precise temperature control. The benefits of VRF systems are diverse and offer many features for optimized regulated room temperature and superior energy efficiency.

A Computer Room Air Conditioner

Preplanning Strategy Design for Maximum Performance of Computer Servers

Important factors to consider when preplanning cooling strategies read more

Data Centre HVAC Sustained Solutions for Installation and Retrofits

  • With narrow margins of tolerable temperature and humidity levels we can transfer heat away from electronics without adding humidity
  • We are air quality experts and can design plans to inhibit dust and airborne pollutants
  • Available data centre heat exchangers and we can provide either free cooling or liquid cooling
  • Ventilation expertise to help minimize energy needed for air conditioning and cooling
  • Minimize downtime
  • Maximize reliability, redundancy, flexibility and efficiency of your cooling system

We understand operating round-the-clock can consume vast amounts of power, Stat Climate Control can help you design your operation to run as efficiently as possible while achieving higher performance for servers.

Data Centre HVAC Company

Stat Climate Control in Calgary can assist with all data centre HVAC services

Data Centre Maintenance

Your cooling requirements for electronic equipment is demanding and needs to be continually maintained to ensure maximum efficiency. Our data centre team of specialists are able to regulate and service both the cooling and heating systems with maintenance contracts as well as providing emergency repair services to keep you operating 24/7.

Data Centre Retrofits

Technology evolves quickly and we’re able to help you retrofit or scale up your cooling and air quality systems. As new equipment and ideas emerge Stat Climate Control will help you stay on top of your industry with HVAC upgrades to maximize your operation.

Data Centre Installations

When you need expertise in designing concepts and plans for high-tech precise control of temperature, humidity and air quality we are able to find solutions to transfer unwanted heat and humidity from your server area. We can balance the heating and cooling in specialized environments such as server racks for superior efficiency.

Advanced Air Quality

We understand air flow and have solutions for computer room facilities with demanding air quality stipulations. Reducing or eliminating dust and airborne particles can be achieved with industry-leading products, equipment and designs to keep your equipment from being damaged.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

100% isfaction Guarantee* – We agree to accept responsibility for your complete satisfaction with materials and work provided by us within the first year of service following our work. Should you be unhappy or dissatisfied with any equipment or HVAC services we have provided for any legitimate reason, we will repair or replace the parts you were charged for at no cost to you.

* Some restrictions apply. Installed units must be maintained by us as per manufacturer guidelines. All service or repairs must be completed by STAT Climate Control Solutions – use of unauthorized third party contractors on installed equipment will void guarantee. Maintenance issues not covered under guarantee – additional charges may apply for after hours work. Please call us for details.