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Why work here?

Are you looking for a company that values its employees and is committed to providing exceptional service to its clients? Then STAT Climate Control Solutions is the place for you!
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At STAT Climate Control Solutions, we specialize in providing mechanical HVAC and refrigeration services to commercial, industrial, and residential builders, operators, and property managers in Calgary and surrounding areas. Our highly knowledgeable team delivers quality, timely, and energy-efficient solutions that meet our customers’ specific needs and budget requirements.

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But what sets us apart from other companies is our industry commitment to our employees. We understand that our employees are the backbone of our success, and we go above and beyond to ensure that they feel valued, appreciated, and supported in their careers. We offer competitive salaries, benefits packages, and opportunities for growth and advancement within the company. We also provide ongoing training and development opportunities to ensure that our employees have knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles.

But it’s not jsut about the benefits and perks. We have a strond company culture that fosters teamwork, collaboration, and innovation. We encourage our employees to share their ideas and perspectives, and we value diversity and inclusivity in all aspects of our business.

At STAT Climate Control Solutions, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about delivering exceptional service to our clients. You’ll be part of a company that values its employees, and you’ll have the support and resources you need to succeed in your career.

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So, what are you waiting for? Join the STAT Climate Control Solutions team today and take your career to the next level!
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Current Opportunities

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Core Values

At STAT Climate Control Solutions, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We strive to exceed expectations at every level by always doing it right, first time and fast. We anticipate our customers’ needs and provide sustainable solutions by identifying and addressing root causes. Clear and frequent communication with both our customers and team is key to our success.

Integrity and honesty are at the core of everything we do. We are transparent and forthright with ourselves, our employees, and our customers. We never shy away from the truth or the facts and always make honesty a priority, even if it may be uncomfortable or harmful to the company. We are committed to doing the right thing, always, even if it may be difficult.

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Professionalism is the cornerstone of our success. We pride ourselves on our strong technical knowledge at all levels of our organiztaion, our can-do attitude, and our courteous and understanding approach. We embrace change with eagerness and enthusiasm, and take pride in ourselves, our work, and our company. Every customer is valued and treated as our top priority.

Fairness is a core value that guides all our actions. We price our products and services fairly to deliver value while amking a reasonable profit. We never take advantage of our customers’ lack of knowledge or vulnerability and always treat them with resect and fairness. We believe in teamwork and collaboration among our staff and customers, and strive to make it a win-win for everyone involved. We focus on helping each other and lifting each other up, in order to build a strong and supportive team.

At STAT Climate Control Solutions, continuous learning is a key to our success. We are always looking for new and better ways to do things and stay up to date on the latest technology, industry changes, and the evolving needs of our customer. We see every problem as an opportunity to learn and grow. We encourage our team to ask questions and seek help when needed, recognizing that there is always more the learn.

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Our Vision

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Our Vision is to be the premier mechanical HVAC and Refrigeration contractor in the industry, selected for projects based on our reputation and relationships. We strive to be trusted and respected in the industry, attract, and retain the best talent, and operate with a culture of consistent improvement, clear communication, and honesty. We aim for consistent, manageable growth that produces targeted profit levels. Our mission is to deliver high value services to our customers with passion and professionalism, constantly setting ourselves apart from the competition and being the best in our field.
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Service Locations

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Bragg Creek
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