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Air Conditioning Facts

Your Air Conditioning System Will Operate More Efficiently and Last Longer

Below you'll find information to keep your air conditioning system at peak efficiency and other important factors to help save money.

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Turn off your AC when you’re not at home. You will reduce energy and save money when the system is off and not needed.

PRO TIP – A programmable smart thermostat will allow you to turn your system on or off with adjustable settings or by controlling a wifi enabled thermostat with your smartphone.

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Change the filter regularly. Some homes need the filter changed more often depending on circumstances. A dirty filter reduces the airflow and makes the system work harder than needed.

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When installing a new air conditioner it’s vital to have the correct size for your home. An oversized AC will cycle on and off frequently, shortening its lifespan and using far more energy than required.

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Keep all vents open. Closing a vent in any given room in the home will increase the air pressure in the system which can create leaks within the ductwork.
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Ensure your thermostat for the home is well-placed. If it is located near windows, vents or heat producing lights or small appliances, it may cause the system to run longer or shorter than needed for maximum comfort.
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Schedule regular maintenance for your HVAC system. When you avoid servicing your HVAC system you may save money in the short-term but it will cost you more in the future. Your HVAC system is complex and needs annual maintenance to run at peak efficiency and reduce expensive repairs.
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An ultra-efficient AC will not necessarily be best for saving money. Our cooling needs in Calgary don’t require the highest rated AC units (which are more expensive) and you may not recoup the investment over time as you would for a slightly lower rated AC.
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You don’t need to cover the AC unit in the winter as it is designed to withstand our Canadian winters. You can simply place a board over the top, weighted down by bricks or rocks, which will help reduce the snow and moisture from entering the unit.
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