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A buildings’ heating system can represent a substantial percentage of operational energy needed for both space heating and hot water heating. In fact heating requires approximately 54% of the energy needed in Canada for most commercial and industrial spaces.

STAT Climate Control Solutions can recommend high-efficiency replacement boilers that will reduce operation costs along with any available government energy rebates and incentives

When replacing an older boiler you can reduce not only your carbon footprint but also significantly lower the operational cost of your heating system requirements when you choose Energy Star® certified boilers.

A replacement boiler is a long-term investment (as they can last up to 30 years). Energy efficient boilers can greatly reduce a buildings energy costs; therefore energy efficiency should be a primary factor when purchasing a heating unit as the savings on energy will help offset the additional cost for higher efficiency units.

Types of Boiler Systems

Energy-efficient commercial boilers can reach up to 90-96% efficiency and STAT Climate Control Solutions can help assist in selecting the best boiler for your buildings’ requirements and budget.

Commercial Heating / Boilers

When applicable we recommend modular commercial boilers rather than a large stand-alone boiler for a few reasons.

When modular boilers run in sequence they offer redundancy which can still provide heat to the building even when one of the boilers malfunctions, breaks down or requires maintenance.

You can also reduce energy use and costs during seasonal periods where a lower amount of heat is needed for the facility. Running one smaller module boiler for heating is far more efficient than running a larger boiler designed for winter’s coldest days – even if the demand (for maximum heat) is only required for a few months of the year.

Modular boilers can also offer added flexibility as you can add or subtract boilers to meet your specific heating demands.

Compact modular boilers can reduce the amount of space needed for boiler rooms allowing you to maximize the square footage of a building.

Best Practices for Boiler Operation

Keep your boiler running at peak efficiency to maximize its lifespan and to realize the energy savings offered.

STAT Climate Control Solutions offers flexible HVAC maintenance plans.

We service all boilers to confirm safe, reliable operation and to improve efficiency.

Our boiler services include;

  • Boiler Installation or Replacement
  • Boiler Repairs
  • 24/7 Emergency Boiler Repair
  • Boiler Inspections
  • Scheduled Maintenance for Boilers
  • Gas Safety Checks
  • Gas Valve Inspections
  • Operating Controls Inspections and Adjustments
  • Boiler Fireside Inspection and Cleaning
  • Power Flushing

Commercial Boilers

STAT Climate Control Solutions installs, repairs and maintains all types of commercial boilers in Calgary. We offer HVAC expertise for commercial heating including systems for;

24 Hour Emergency Boiler Repair

When your boiler shuts down call STAT Climate Control Solutions. We feature emergency boiler repair 7 days a week for boilers in Calgary and area. We respond quickly to get your building’s heating system working again.

Call STAT Climate Control Solutions at (403) 226-6066 now and let us help you get back to a comfortable life.

A Trusted Name for HVAC Services

STAT Climate Control Solutions serves Calgary and area and has become a leader among commercial HVAC companies in the city.

We offer fair prices with exceptional customer service establishing long-term relationships.

We have a large fleet of vehicles and technicians for a quick response time for getting you up and running.

Our trained and skilled boiler technicians can offer solutions and solve any HVAC problems… right the first time

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