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Commercial Building Automation Systems (BAS)

BAS – Utilizing Technology to Improve Efficiency

Commercial Building Automation Systems

It is becoming an increasingly common practice for commercial building owners in Calgary to implement building automation systems (BAS) on older or retrofitted buildings. Most new commercial buildings feature (at least) some automation to reduce energy consumption in an effort to lower cost.

Because we live in a climate whereby temperatures can swing widely from cold to hot during winter and summer months the necessity for automation is essential for delivering potential energy savings.

HVAC Retrofits for Legacy HVAC Systems

Updating an older building with HVAC retrofits to accomodate building automation can seem daunting as it is a considerable investment, however the savings in energy costs over time can justify such an expenditure. Also, retrofits are a viable solution to replacing an entire HVAC system, to improve efficiency, at a fraction of the cost of component replacement.

Energy Savings with Automation

Using software and controls a building automation system allows for more precise operation of heating, ventilation and air conditioning minimizing energy waste. It is not uncommon for an older building to produce a 10 to 30% increase in efficiency with a well-designed HVAC retrofit that utilizes building automation systems. Although retrofits don’t provide the same energy efficiency rating of new equipment it will greatly improve performance…and at a fraction of the cost.

Additional Building Automation Systems

Because you can optimize other elements of the building that consume energy with automated controls including; lighting, automatic doors, hot water, etc. you can further improve energy reduction throughout the building.

Benefits of Building Automation Systems

HVAC equipment has a longer lifespan with improved performance and this also helps to offset the cost for adding automation to your buildings’ system.

An efficient HVAC system requires regular maintenance to keep the system running at maximum efficiency. Some systems allow for notifications to be sent alerting the operators that there is an issue requiring servicing or repair. Automated notifications can reduce the number of maintenance visits your system needs as well as reducing incidents of minor issues, left unattended, to go on causing system failure.

Because the automation monitors your HVAC system it can simplify procedures for building operators and provide insight to maintain efficiency.

An automated system for HVAC will also provide better comfort within the building. Sensors and controls optimize heating and air conditioning by making the necessary adjustments as needed for superior performance even when the weather outside changes quickly – as is the case for Calgary’s climate conditions.

By updating your building through automation you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and increase the occupants’ comfort. The potential for cost saving through energy reduction can be substantial and it allows building managers and owners the opportunity to increase property value while lowering operating and maintenance costs.

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