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Commercial Heating Repair Calgary

Spend a Little Now to Save a Lot Later

Commercial heating systems are the life-blood of a building for providing comfortable conditions to maximize productivity. In Calgary, winter conditions can be fierce and your system has to be able to keep up to provide the heating needed for continued operation. System breakdown can be both detrimental and costly for any commercial building.

How to Reduce Cost of HVAC Repairs

With a little awareness and attention to your HVAC system you can help reduce the chances of a serious system failure requiring expensive repairs as well as extending the life of your HVAC equipment.

Look for small warning signs which can provide diagnostics in locating smaller issues that can indicate bigger problems if left unaddressed.

Strange or Unusual Noises

When unfamiliar noises frequently occur such as banging, grating, grinding or screeching sounds from the HVAC system they are typically a tell-tale sign that there is a mechanical failure. As most commercial HVAC systems feature rooftop HVAC equipment the sounds may emanate from not only the mechanical room but also may be heard within the ventilation system.

Diagnosing and repairing parts or equipment that are the cause of unusual sounds can prevent much larger problems if left as is.

Cold Spots or Uneven Heating

It’s difficult to find precise, even heating throughout most large commercial buildings but some buildings are noticeably worse (colder) than others.

A large building supplied with comfortable heating oftentimes feature zone controlled heating which can allow for better distribution of heat. However it’s possible for zone controlled heating to have failures which then create cold areas with insufficient heat.

Older buildings without zone controlled heating can have conspicuous spaces or expanses which are particularly uncomfortable during the coldest winter days.

When lack of heating becomes an issue it could be due to electrical switch failure, air duct or air vent problems or a system with unbalanced airflow – to mention a few possible potential failures resulting in heat issues.

HVAC systems with uneven heating will result in higher energy bills and create unnecessary wear and tear on HVAC components and parts. This is a scenario whereby you could spend a little on repairs and reap the benefits of saving money down the road by increasing the system’s efficiency.

Acrid or Metalic Odours

A metallic, acidic or acrid odour will usually indicate that there is an electrical issue or quite possibly a motor running hot with a very short life cycle. In other words your HVAC system should be diagnosed as soon as possible to prevent shutdown or other dangerous issues which may hamper the safety of the building or its occupants.

System Shuts Off and Turns On Frequently

An HVAC system which cycles on and off continually is a sure sign that the system is in need of repair. Short cycling can be caused by a number of issues including; incorrect boiler pressure, thermostat failure or improperly calibrated, plugged pressuretrol, steam trap problems or other system failures.

A frequently cycling heating system doesn’t necessarily mean the system needs to be replaced but it is indicative of a system that is undergoing needless wear and tear on its parts or components in addition to using more energy. You may substantially increase the lifespan of an HVAC system by correcting the issue causing short cycling.

Most commercial heating systems have an expected lifespan of 15-20 years and by simply being observant and vigilant about smaller repairs you’ll be able to maximize the HVAC system.

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24 Hour Emergency Commercial Heating Repair

When your heating system shuts down call STAT Climate Control Solution. We feature emergency boiler repair 7 days a week for furnaces in Calgary and area. We respond quickly to get your building’s heating system working again.

24/7 emergency commercial heating repair

HVAC Maintenance – Calgary

Extended Life for Equipment

Prolong the life of your building’s boiler with regular maintenance inspections. The most common factor for heating breakdown is dust and dirt related, a reduced factor with early prevention.

gears and fan, maximize boiler lifespan.
Maximize boiler lifespan

Regular HVAC Inspections

With a maintenance contract we can inspect and maintain boiler components every couple of months to confirm heating is running at peak efficiency and service any issues that may lead to system failures.

Van and calendar, maintain peak efficiency.
Maintain peak efficiency

Free Service Visits

Unlike some companies, Stat Climate Control Solutions does not charge customers, with maintenance contracts, for diagnosing issues with systems. So you won’t have to pay every time a service technician visits to solve problems.

Dollar symbol, Free service visits.
Free diagnosis

Reduced Energy Costs

You can reduce your energy operation costs by 5% with regular filter changes and keep heating equipment running at its energy efficient specifications saving money with reduced energy consumption.

Eco arrow around a commercial boiler.
Reduce energy cost

cutaway of a boiler

HVAC Controller Experts

We’re experts in identifying problems and issues with HVAC controllers, the nerve centre of HVAC systems.

HVAC controllers monitor interior conditions and provide the correct responses to load changes in order for the system to provide both comfort and energy efficiency.

All HVAC components, including large central plants and zone terminal units and sensors, employ controllers to ensure the systems are functioning correctly together to maximize energy efficiency and provide a constant and comfortable temperature.

Stat Climate Control Solutions, as the name implies, are HVAC control experts and we can help you to design, install and maintain your control system at peak efficiency.

cutaway of a boiler
HVAC controllers – the nerve centre of HVAC systems

A Trusted Name for HVAC Heating

Stat Climate Control Solutions serves Calgary and area and has become a leader among commercial HVAC heating companies in the city.

A handshake, we value longterm working relationships.

We offer fair prices with exceptional customer service establishing long-term relationships.

Hourglass, we have a quick response time.

We have a large fleet of vehicles and technicians for a quick response time for getting your heat up and running

2 workers wearing hardhats, we have trained HVAC technicians.

Our trained and skilled HVAC heating technicians can offer solutions and solve HVAC problems… right the first time

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