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Data Centre HVAC Repair

Stat Climate Control Solutions Provides HVAC Repair for Some of Calgary’s Largest Data Centres

The data centre or server room is vital for businesses which store or use vast amounts of data. The server room often includes important hardware such as the servers, network equipment, backup computers as well as communication systems. The electronic equipment within a server room generate a vast amount of heat and when the cooling system fails it can place the equipment in critical condition causing servers to crash, loss of data and down-time.

To prevent loss of revenue and damaged equipment due to HVAC breakdown plan ahead and establish proper protocol within the server room. A well-designed, properly cooled server room will go a long way in keeping your equipment and your data safe.

Tips & Suggestions for Server Rooms

Account for Proper Airflow

The equipment on racks must allow for the air to move between the servers in order to maximize the precise control of temperature within the room.

Consider Design Arrangement

Professionally designed server rooms may have accounted for the strategic placement of each server onto a rack. Rearranging electronic equipment on the racks may create empty spaces or placing servers closer together could upset the balance of equipment distribution creating more heat than the system can regulate. Your server room may have been designed with the rack placement distributed in a coordinated manner so the HVAC system can maximize temperature control.

Expansion Considerations

There are times when an organization grows and the need for more servers increases. Adding more servers also means you are adding more heat generating electronic equipment. It’s recommended that you plan in advance for expanding your server room which will mitigate upgrading it later which may lead to costly retrofits.

Monitor the Server Room

It’s always best to be proactive and continually monitor the server room and confirm it is within the acceptable temperature range that the design allows for. You’ll know sooner if the HVAC system fails giving you the opportunity to correct the issue before equipment can be severely damaged.

A server room can also have excessive cooling which can lead to an inefficient HVAC system and increased utility costs.

Qualified HVAC Technicians

Your server room is critical and replacing the equipment can be very expensive to repair or replace. Always demand experienced and qualified technicians who provide services to data centres when you need repairs or maintenance to the HVAC system. A server room is unique and requires specialized cooling equipment and expertise for best results. Your system needs to match the high demands required by the servers and electronic equipment to maximize efficiency and prevent unnecessary breakdowns. You won’t be disappointed when contracting with data room HVAC experts.

When HVAC Repair is Needed for Data Centres

When a server room’s cooling fails and you need HVAC repairs and service immediately – take precautionary measures:

  • Open the Door to the Cooling Room – this will help provide additional ventilation for the equipment
  • Add a Room Fan to Further Circulate the Air Flow – direct the fan to blow the air from behind the equipment out towards the open door
  • Remove a Ceiling Tile or Two Above the Equipment – hot air rises and this will help dissipate the heat to rise above the equipment

Taking action will give you a little more time, preventing damage to equipment, until a technician arrives.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

As with all HVAC systems it is important to schedule regular maintenance which will highlight any impending issues or small problems that can lead to major issues that can be very costly. Today’s data centre HVAC systems are very advanced and require regular service. In fact many manufacturers explicitly state the equipment needs regular maintenance to keep the warranty valid. Scheduled equipment maintenance will lead to fewer breakdowns, longer HVAC equipment life and give you peace of mind with your servers, hardware and electronic equipment.

A Trusted Name for Data Centre HVAC Cooling

Stat Climate Control Solutions serves Calgary and area and has become a leader among data centre and server room HVAC cooling companies in the city.

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