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Financing for Air Conditioning


Pay For HVAC Purchase In Monthly Installments

Stat Climate Control has teamed up with FinanceIt Canada Inc. for affordable and flexible financing for air conditioning.

FinanceIt allows you to safely and securely apply for financing. It’s mobile friendly and can offer low installment payments without penalties for paying off your loan early.

Transparent Financing

Financing is transparent and without hidden fees or sneaky payment terms. You’ll know up-front if the loan carries a small cost.

Finance Cost

There is a small fee for the loan amount and the interest rates vary depending on the size of your loan, the details of your credit report, and the type of product or project you’ve purchased.

Interest rates typically range between 6.99% and 14.99% – competitive with most credit cards. FinanceIt never charges for backdated interest.

Fast Approval

Get credit checks in seconds, complete applications in minutes. Set up pre-authorized payments and pay off your loan as early as you please – without penalty.

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