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Calgary Furnace Installation Done Right, Right Now: Fast, Reliable Service Keeps Your Home Warm.

 Save Money & Stay Warm with Energy-Efficient Solutions

Does Your Calgary Home Heating Up the Wrong Way? Furnace Installation Done Right, Right Now.

Is your furnace turning your home space into a sauna instead of a sanctuary? Don’t suffer through another uncomfortable winter. STAT Climate Control Solutions, Calgary’s trusted HVAC experts since 2001, offers fast, reliable furnace installation to keep your home warm and cozy.

Correct furnace installation requires choosing the correct size of furnace for heating factoring in the entire home’s square footage.

Our expertise and 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee assures you that the furnace you choose will be installed correctly and you can enjoy home comfort for years to come.

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Ryan NobleRyan Noble
21:11 29 May 24
So I own a condo, and it turns out that companies that can work on condo units are not all that common.Fortunately, Stat Climate rescued me when I was having trouble with my AC unit.Chris was super helpful, gave me some tips on keeping things in working order, and got everything sorted on time and for the price quoted.Will definitely be using them in the future and I can definitely recommend them for your service needs.Thank you!
Richard BacksRichard Backs
19:15 10 Apr 24
I was debating between a 4* and 5* review. There was an initial issue with the appointment but I have to admit STAT pulled all stops when they realized their mistake and did right by the customer. I was especially impressed with the service tech (Delaine N.); the problem was intermittent and difficult to pin down. I do have a basic understanding of electrical wiring and Delaine went through his analysis with me and ensure I clearly knew what he was doing and why. He was finally able to pinpoint the problem after much back and forth analysis and testing and I now have a much better understanding of my HVAC system.5 stars - solid.
Jessica CaterJessica Cater
19:05 05 Mar 24
STAT Climate Control Solutions is our go to Contractor for HVAC related issues. They have been servicing our properties, ongoing for a couple of years. We will continue working with STAT for all related circumstances. They are responsive, honest and informative.
Chris MChris M
19:55 18 Feb 24
Called for an emergency furnace repair for one of my rental properties after hours and the technician was quick and honest. After reviewing my options I decided to go with a new high efficiency furnace. The installation team was friendly and did a fantastic job on the installation. The office and comfort advisor walked me through the whole process very professionally and even the owner called to follow up with me. I will definitely recommend Stat to all of my families and friends.
Abiodun LawalAbiodun Lawal
17:33 08 Jan 24
We were is a very tight heating on new years eve...thier number came up on my Google search and so I called them. They responded quickly and professionally. But more importantly the technician was very knowledgeable about our systems. Within minutes he identified the problem, proffered a solution to it and proceeded in fixing the problem asap. I would recommend them any day value for money in terms of the services they rendered to us.
Vern & Gayle McRaeVern & Gayle McRae
23:29 22 Jul 23
Not an easy AC install. Justin and Steve got it done. Will be stopping by later to check. Very satisfied.
Clement OnawoleClement Onawole
16:41 10 Jul 23
Engaged company to install which was executed timely and they also discovered that my Furnace has been licking fluid. They also got my furnace fixed at the cheapest price I could get from many other competing companies.
Heather MadderHeather Madder
23:49 18 May 23
Darren was great. He answered all my questions. Was friendly and professional.
Dory SmythDory Smyth
17:00 08 Jan 22
Daniel was an exceptional technician. He was extremely industrious and was persistent to find a solution to the problem. I was very impressed with his workmanship. He came at a very late hour and delved into the problem and solved it. He deserves a very high accolade. Thank you Daniel for bringing warmth back to my home!
Gregory DavisGregory Davis
17:11 23 Sep 21
STAT Climate control has provided excellent service to my business and facilities for over 8 years. They are efficient, professional and highly skilled. They have earned our trust and are my number one recommendation for HVAC in Calgary.
Thomas SupinskiThomas Supinski
15:25 15 Jul 16
Stat is an excellent company do business with, from their free quoting, explanations on installation practices and reasonable pricing; my air-conditioning was up and running in less than 2 weeks.I also have to mention their back end support with Sean made it an easy transaction and was really impressed with the install. These guys know what they're doing and would recommend them to anyone needing heating and cooling systems.
Jorge OlayaJorge Olaya
16:55 01 Jul 16
We bought a house in Cochrane, AB and we were looking for a good company to provide us with a good air conditioner.It was very easy to book an appointment with the owner. Sean went to inspect the house and gave us a very reasonable price. They were able to install the A/C the same week and we were very satisfied with the quality of the equipment, the installation and the customer service. I recommend this company.
00:03 01 Dec 15
Very pleased with Sean and his crew. Price, promptness, and reliability of service were all fantastic. After their first visit, other issues arose, unrelated to the first problem with my furnace. Long story short, Sean came by for an additional two hours tackling a difficult problem, and when he left we were back up and running. Best part was Sean's willingness to be more than reasonable with his pricing. The customer service was fantastic in all respects, and I would definitely recommend Stat Climate Control!

Why Choose STAT Climate for Your Calgary Furnace Installation?

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Fast & Efficient Service

We understand the urgency of a failing furnace. Our experienced technicians will have your new furnace installed quickly and efficiently.

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Expert Recommendations

We don’t just sell furnaces, we recommend the right furnace for your home’s size and needs.

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Competitive Prices

We offer upfront pricing and financing options to make your new furnace affordable.

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Reliable Service

We’re a licensed, insured, and bonded company with a proven track record of customer satisfaction.

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Calgary Expertise

 As a local Calgarian company, we understand the unique needs of Calgary homes and weather.

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Excellent Customer Service

Don’t wait until the dead of winter to face a furnace failure. Contact STAT Climate Control Solutions today for a free, no-obligation quote on your Calgary furnace installation!

Call us at (403) 226-6066 or fill out our online form to schedule your appointment.

STAT Climate Control Solutions – Keeping Calgary Comfortable Since 2001

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Emergency Furnace Replacement

If you need furnace replacement in Calgary or area, call us and we’ll get the job done quickly and ensure it’s installed correctly.

Our satisfaction guarantee ensures your complete satisfaction, we’ll warranty all materials and work provided by us for the first year of service following our work.

Our quote is for the complete installation and it includes the manufacturers warranty which we will provide repairs, should anything ever go wrong.

Signs You Need a Furnace Replacement:

  • Uneven Heating: Is your house a patchwork of hot and cold zones? An inefficient furnace struggles to maintain consistent temperatures.
  • Spikes in Energy Bills: Is your furnace working overtime to keep up? A failing furnace can lead to skyrocketing energy costs.
  • Strange Noises: Are banging, clanking, or screeching coming from your furnace? These noises indicate potential breakdowns.
  • Frequent Repairs: Is your current furnace a frequent flyer at the repair shop? Constant repairs become a money pit in the long run.
  • Short Lifespan: Furnaces typically last 10-15 years. If yours is older, it’s nearing the end of its lifespan.
Furnace Repair Calgary
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Reduce Furnace Energy Usage

We can also install smart theromstats and zone control valves which utilize two or more thermostats allowing you to control temperature in different areas of the home. This type of zone control gives you the ability to adjust the comfort level in areas that may have less insulation or rooms without windows.

With a smart thermostat you can minimize your energy usage and choose which areas need more or less heating. You can even control the temperature in your home from your phone.

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What We Offer ?

Furnace Replacement Cost and Prices - Calgary

The cost for a new furnace replacement is dependant on the square footage of a home and the BTU output of the unit required.

Furnace prices start at $2900.00 which includes *basic installation and as mentioned this price can vary depending on additional work needed for ductwork and any electrical, venting or piping needed for safety codes.

Ultra high-efficiency furnaces with an AFUE Rating of 97% – 98.7% can typically increase the cost of a new furnace by $500 – $1,000.

*basic installation – the ductwork is in good working order and installation can be done without customized design solutions needed.

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Furnace Prices include

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Is It Cheaper to Lease or Rent a New Furnace?

Leasing or renting a new furnace may appear to reduce the money upfront needed for a furnace replacement but in actuality the cost can be exceedingly high.

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Energy Efficient Furnaces

Upgrading your heating system with a new Energy Star unit can save you money with utility bills as today’s furnaces have a 92% – 98.7% AFUE Rating and waste very little energy needed for heating. The minimum energy efficiency rating in Canada is 92% AFUE.

If your furnace is nearing the end of its lifecycle and you are constantly paying for expensive repairs you may be better off in the long-run with a new furnace installation.

New furnaces include manufacturer’s warranty and our labour warranty

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The latest energy efficient furnaces available today can include some design features that will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy Efficient SEER Rating

The AFUE Rating or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency measures the efficiency for fuel consumption by the furnace and can help you determine how much money you spend on heating your home.

To simplify, a furnace with an AFUE rating of 95 equates to 95% of the fuel being converted to useable heat.

Another way to look at it is if you have an older furnace with an AFUE rating of 80% – you’re spending an additional 20% on your utility bill for unused energy when heating your home.

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24 Hour Emergency Furnace/Heating Repair

If you need help right away with your furnace or air conditioning call STAT Climate Control Solutions. We feature emergency furnace repair 7 days a week for furnace, heating and cooling systems in Calgary and area. We can minimize your discomfort and get your home back in the comfort zone as soon as possible.


Don’t wait and suffer in the cold or heat. Call STAT Climate Control Solutions at (403) 226-6066 now and let us help you get back to a comfortable life.

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Furnace Financing

We can help with financing options for a new furnace or air conditioner immediately. We work with who try We can help with financing options to get your new furnace installed immediately. We work with Smart Home Financial who try and take the hassle out of borrowing and make it simple to qualify.
They offer:

  • A quick and easy application process
  • 0% Financing available OAC
  • Minimum monthly payment
  • Credit line availability

If you’re interested in financing or would just like to discuss what your options are for staying warm and comfortable contact us today.(403) 226-6066

Furnace Installation Calgary FAQs

At STAT Climate Control Solutions, we understand that furnace installation can be a big decision. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you make an informed choice:

– While technically possible, furnace installation is a complex process that requires specialized knowledge and tools. Improper installation can lead to safety hazards, system malfunctions, and void warranties. We highly recommend trusting a licensed HVAC technician for your furnace installation.

-The ideal furnace size depends on several factors, including the square footage of your home, insulation levels, climate, and desired comfort level. Our experienced technicians will perform a thorough evaluation of your home to recommend the right size furnace for optimal efficiency and comfort.

There are various furnace options available, each with its own advantages. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • High-Efficiency Gas Furnaces: These are the most popular choice, offering energy efficiency and cost savings.
  • Oil Furnaces: Common in some areas, they can be less efficient than gas furnaces.
  • Electric Furnaces: Suitable for areas without natural gas lines, but electricity costs can be higher.

Our technicians will discuss your needs and budget to recommend the most suitable furnace type for your Calgary home.

-The installation time can vary depending on the complexity of the system and your existing ductwork. In general, furnace installation takes between 4-8 hours.

We understand that furnace replacement can be an unexpected expense. We offer financing options to make your new furnace installation affordable. Consult with our team for details.

-We will responsibly remove and dispose of your old furnace according to local regulations.

Ready to breathe new life into your Calgary home’s heating system? Contact STAT Climate Control Solutions today for a free, no-obligation quote on your furnace installation!

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