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Hail Damage to Your Air Conditioner

Common Issues and Fixes

After the numerous hail storms that have swept through Calgary and area this summer, now is a good time to talk about HVAC systems damaged by hail.

HVAC systems are the most commonly claimed property loss for residential customers after roofing and siding.

The condenser coil fins are tightly spaced, made from thin aluminum and easily damaged from a sustained hail storm. When the coils become damaged it results in a reduction of heat transfer from inside your home to the outside. Your system will have to work harder and thus shortening your systems’ lifespan.

When Damaged Most Condenser Coils can be Restored with Minor to Moderate Repairs

Typical Hail Damage Repair Options

Combing the Coil Fins

This procedure is the least expensive repair as well as the most common repair we do for damaged fins that we encounter. The procedure is fairly quick and it will allow your system to operate at peak-efficiency when done correctly.

Condensor Coil Replacement

When the damage to the coils is too extensive the next best option is to replace them with new ones. Fortunately most coils are easily found at HVAC suppliers so the repair can be done without much delay.

Condensor Unit Replacement

This is an option for older AC systems where the condenser coils are no longer available as replacement parts. There are some situations where it is wiser to replace a system that is constantly needing repairs, not providing the cooling needed or to achieve a higher efficiency rating to reduce energy consumption. It should be noted that replacing an entire system is not very common and rarely likely.

Most Damage Can Be Repaired

Remember most AC systems that have been damaged by hail can be brought back to “life” and will operate as they did before the repairs were needed.

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