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Rooftop Air Conditioning Calgary

Most large commercial buildings in Calgary choose rooftop air conditioners because of the advantages they offer when compared to conventional central cooling systems.

Stat Climate Control provides installation, repair and maintenance of rooftop AC’s for commercial buildings. We have upfront pricing and feature experienced, licensed technicians who can perform services for all types of cooling systems.

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Advantages of Rooftop Air Conditioners

Self-Contained Units

Rooftop air conditioners are uniquely self-contained with the evaporator and condenser coil, compressor and fan all located within the unit. Because everything is centrally enclosed within the cabinet it allows for ease of access when needing repairs or servicing.

An added benefit includes the office setting inside the building is unaffected and uninterrupted when the unit is being serviced on the rooftop.

Small Footprint

The placement of the units allows for the minimalist footprint for space required as the components are on the rooftop freeing valuable real estate within the building.

Situated on a roof these AC’s are less vulnerable to damage and vandalism. Essentially they are as secure as the building itself.

Scalable for Unforeseeable Change

Unlike central cooling systems rooftop AC’s are modular in their design which allows for the addition or subtraction of AC units as a building’s needs change. It’s easy to add more units if needed and also to move its location on a rooftop if the setup of the space is changed due to future construction additions or technological equipment.

When a business is added and increases the occupants within a large commercial space it allows for increased cooling capabilities with the simple addition of another module.

Superior Design

Rooftop air conditioners have distinct inherent advantages as they are available in higher efficiencies than standard cooling systems with built-in features such as air volume controls, dampers and thermal wheels. They also allow for more available component options which can greatly improve the indoor air quality ventilation within the building.

Rooftop AC’s are also very quiet because all of the operating components are located outside contained within the AC cabinet.

Rooftop AC Maintenance

Although rooftop AC’s are superior in many ways they still require regularly scheduled maintenance to reduce repair and increase the units longevity. Rooftop units are easy to access and can be quickly serviced by trained professionals.

Call Stat Climate Control for rooftop AC repair and maintenance. We provide full service including:

  • Experienced and qualified technicians to service all rooftop AC equipment
  • Technicians are trained to identify small issues and make repairs before becoming a major concern
  • Fast, reliable and quality service
  • 24/7 emergency service for contract customers
  • Ongoing employee training to better understand HVAC technology innovations
  • Easy to understand maintenance agreements

A Trusted Name for HVAC Air Conditioning

Stat Climate Control Solutions serves Calgary and area and has become a leader among commercial HVAC cooling companies in the city.

A handshake, we value longterm working relationships.

We offer fair prices with exceptional customer service establishing long-term relationships.

Hourglass, we have a quick response time.

We have a large fleet of vehicles and technicians for a quick response time for getting your heat up and running

2 workers wearing hardhats, we have trained HVAC technicians.

Our trained and skilled HVAC heating technicians can offer solutions and solve HVAC problems… right the first time

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